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Old Town

The old town of Peñíscola is protected by an impressive medieval wall, its interior is accessed through the Portal de Sant Pere, the old entrance to the walled city. It is a place to stroll quietly, walk through its beautiful narrow and cobbled streets discovering its corners, enjoying small craft shops, fashion stores, souvenirs and its bars and restaurants with terraces where you can make a short stop to refresh yourself or enjoy the delicious gastronomy of the place.

Within the old town of Peñíscola we will find countless emblematic monuments and buildings such as the Church of Santa María, the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Ermita and the Fosc Portal or other important points such as El Bufador or the Artillery Park.

One of the first stops we must make on the ascent to the castle is El Bufador, it is a large gap or crack in the rock that runs through the interior of the rock and ends in the center of the city. During the days of strong storms you can see and hear the great noise that the sea causes when the waves crash against this cavity.

Next to the bufador there is a terrace with poufs on the ground where you can sit and have a drink enjoying the show, but if you don’t feel like sitting down, from the cobbled street that goes up to the castle we can see the Bufador from above, perhaps even more impressive.

Right in front there is one of the bastions of the wall that we can climb to enjoy beautiful views of the wall and the sea.

A little further on we find the beautiful Museo de Mar, a tribute to the seafaring tradition where, through its collection, photos, engravings, drawings and audiovisual media, they try to preserve the cultural heritage, installed in the Baluarte del Príncipe, an old fortification of where you can still see some artillery cannons on the wall.

Continuing the tour you will arrive at the Casa de las Conchas, a true dream, a house taken from a story, completely covered with seashells. We will also enjoy the Artillery Park, located next to the fortress, it was the old powder magazine of the city and is currently a botanical park. Along with the entrance to the castle, the entrance to the park is included, which can be done on a different day if we do not have time to see everything on the same day.