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Sierra de Irta National Park

This area of 7,744 terrestrial hectares and 2,448 marine hectares was declared a natural park by the Valencian government on July 16, 2002. Ideal environment to carry out various sports activities such as; hiking, cycling, running in a unique setting. In addition, the town hall organizes various hiking routes and popular races that can participate.

At reception, our receptionists will give you the necessary information to carry out these activities. The park protects the mountains that are located in the Bajo Maestrazgo region (“Baix Maestrat” in Valencian) and the coastal area in front of it. The natural park is made up of two mountain ranges with a maximum altitude of 572 meters (the peak Campanelles) parallel to the coast and separated by the Estopet valley. Due to its proximity to the sea, its mountains descend abruptly, forming numerous cliffs, coves, cornices and marine reefs along 12 km. The most important cliff is that of Torre Badum.

This mountain range has a typical Mediterranean climate characterized by mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. This park is occupied by vegetation typical of the Mediterranean scrub formed, among others, by the palmetto, (Chamaerops humilis L.) (the only endemic palm tree in Europe); Kermes oak, (Quercus coccifera L.); the mastic, (Pistacia lentiscus L.); the juniper of the Miera or broja (Juniperus oxycedrus L. var. macrocarpa); the Albaida, (Anthhylis cytisoides L.); the Blackthorn, (Crataegus Calpodendron); the «Pine», (Pinus Pinea); the «fennel», («Foeniculum vulgare») although it is possible to find more leafy species on the summits such as the black juniper. Also noteworthy is the Irta geranium, an endemism of the mountains.

Due to the maritime nature of the mountains, its fauna is very characteristic, highlighting the Audouin’s gull, the shag, the common petrel or Eleonora’s hawk.