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Fishing port

The port is divided into an area dedicated to fishing boats and another to sports boats. It offers the services typical of a port in a privileged place such as the slopes of the hill that houses the castle of Papa Luna and the old town. The port breakwater offers views of the southern area of the Castle, the old town, Sierra de Irta, and the Mediterranean Sea.

It can be accessed through the bridge located in front of the Portal de Sant Pere and through the main entrance located next to the South Beach. The port is right next to the old town and the distance between the entrance to the rock and the port is 210m (3 minutes on foot).

This location is always open to the public, although with access restrictions to some areas such as the market during the auction between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. approx. At the other end of the fishing port, right in the area most sheltered by the breakwater, is the Peñiscola sports fleet, with a capacity of about 80 moorings.